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VTC-200P Anti-Corrosion Spin Coater

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Product description
Model VTC-200P Anti-Corrosion Spin Coater
Brief Introduction:  Vtc-200p vacuum rotary coating machine is suitable for surface coating process of semiconductor, crystal, optical disc, plate making, etc. This machine can be used for coating preparation of strong acid and strong alkaline coating solution. The cavity of vtc-200p vacuum rotary coating machine can't be vacuumized. When it works, the sample is fixed on the sample tray by the way of vacuum tray adsorption. The equipment can store 12 groups of programs, each group of programs includes 6 operation stages. In different operation stages, the number of revolutions of the equipment is different, so that the speed of the equipment is slowly increased to the limit speed, which is conducive to the uniform film formation of the film material on the sample surface, without excessive waste and material saving. The upper cover of the chamber can heat the sample (optional function), which is conducive to the coating process of the film material with high viscosity. Vtc-200p vacuum rotary coating machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient cleaning, compact size, etc., which is mainly used in the laboratory of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes to generate films.
 Main features 1. There are 12 groups of programs, each group includes 6 operation stages, the setting range of increase and decrease rate of each section is 100-2000rpm / s, and the time range of each section is 0-60s.
2. The sample is fixed by vacuum adsorption, which is easy to operate.
3. The vacuum degree of suction cup can reach -0.08mpa.
4. Using the positioning tool, the sample can be easily placed in the center position to reduce the vibration or flyer caused by eccentricity.
5. According to the sample specification, different suction cups can be used, and the replacement is convenient and simple.
6. The motor adopts 24VDC brushless motor, stepless speed regulation, high reliability, strong adaptability, simple maintenance and repair, low noise, small vibration, stable operation, fast and stable startup, stable operation after acceleration, which can ensure the consistency and uniformity of coating thickness.
7. This machine can be used in glove box, but the control part and vacuum pump should be outside the box.
8. Coating can be carried out in inert gas atmosphere (such as AR, N2).
9. The utility model adopts oil-free parallel bar vacuum pump, which has the advantages of small size, simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, no environmental pollution, etc.
10. The whole cavity is made of polypropylene, with longer service life, improved chemical corrosion resistance and excellent stress cracking resistance.
11. All English operating system.
12. It has the function of cover opening protection. When the upper cover is opened in the process of coating or at the end of coating, the machine will decelerate rapidly until it stops
13. The controller uses a single control box, LCD display value, more intuitive and reliable.
 technical parameter 1. Power supply: 220V 50Hz
2. Motor power: 350W / 24V
3. Speed: adjustable between 500rpm and 6000rpm
4. It can store 12 groups of programs, each of which contains 6 operation stages,
5. Setting range of increase and decrease rate of each section: 100 rpm S-2000 RPM / s, time range of each section: 0-60s
6. Suction cup specification φ 100mm
7. Optional heating function: heating range RT-100 ℃
Heating cover, sink and suction cup are made of polypropylene
The temperature is controlled separately, not related to the host program control
 Size: φ 250mm × 360mm; weight: 20kg
Standard parts φ 100mm vacuum sucker
Drip holder
Center positioner
Oil free vacuum pump
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