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VTC-100PA Programmable Hi-Speed Spin Coater

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Product description
VTC-100PA Programmable Hi-Speed Spin Coater
Brief Introduction
VTC-100PA is CE certified tabletop spin coating device dedicated  to spin coat small substrates up to 100 mm diameter at Max. 10000 rpm. The spin head actuator is a precision DC servo motor with accurate speed and acceleration control. The substrate can be held by  vacuum (for thinner objects). The device has a user-friendly keyboard and LCD display for programming various parameters up to 12 programs, 6 segments. Spin duration, spin speed, and acceleration can be programmed from the front panel. All components in the device are corrosion protected to make it cleanroom compatible.
Main Features
500 ~ 10000 RPM spinning speed programmable
Accept substrate from 5 mm to 5" 
PP chamber for anti-corrosive operation.
One gas inlet port on top of cover which can fill inert gas during coating
One 20ml Plastic Syringe is included
Suitable using Ar gas ( vacuum pump must be outside glovebox)
Safety interlock is integrated into the lid
Vacuum Chuck & Vacuum pump
Chamber size: 150 mm diameter 
2 sets of PP anti-corrosive vacuum chucks with different sizes (Φ44mm, Φ9mm), which can hold substrate from 5 mm to  5" Dia.  ( see pic below ) 
Click the picture below right to watch demo video for how to  use 9mm vacuum chuck hold 5mm sample.
One 120L/min Oilless Vacuum Pump is included in the standard package, please click the picture below for specification details.
Programmable Control
Duration up to 60 seconds
Acceleration: 100 - 2000 rpm / sec adjustable
Accuracy: < 5%
Digital control panel can store 12 programs and each program has 6 segments programmable for  speeds, acceleration, and spin duration (please click picture below-right to see typical program setting)
Input Power
AC 220V (You may order a transformer to operate at 110V) 
1000 W total for oilless pump and spin cater
Gas Inlet
6mm diameter gas inlet port allows customers to fill desired gas into the chamber, which can make coating under variable gas flow environment.
Liquid Injection
Standard Package:  20ml plastic syringe with needle
Product Dimensions
450mm Depth ×280mm W ×340mm H
One year limited with lifetime support
Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty
Net Weight
20 kg
CE Certified
Shipping Dimensions
40"(L) x 30"(W) x 30"(H)
Shipping Weight
46 kg (100 lbs)
Standard Accessories
1. Vacuum chuck 2pcs
2. Center locator: 1 pc
3. Syringe 20ml: 1pc 
4. Syringe holder: 1 pc
5. Oil - free vacuum pump: 1pc 
6. Rubber tube 1pc
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