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STX-202A Mini Diamond Wire Saw

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Product description
STX-202A Mini Diamond Wire Saw
Brief Introduction
STX-202A (STX-202A is an upgraded version of STX-202 since Mar, 2014 with additional auto-control Y-axis) is a CE certified, small precision diamond wire saw for cutting sample ≤ 2" diameter or square up to 50mm in thickness. It is designed to provide a smooth cutting for many kinds of materials, especially for  fragile crystals and TEM or IC sample by using  0.28mm diameter x 15 meter long diamond impregnated wire. It is ideal cutting tool for material research, TEM sample preparation, and  IC failure analysis.
Heavy-duty aluminum alloy structure with compact size
automatically controlled Y axis by digital panel
single wire swing cutting with adjustable wire length from 5-15mm (broken wire still can be used)       
Transparant plastic plates is included to provent Coolant splashing 
Add a priming cup behind the forming tube (New design)
Technical Parameter
1. Power: 110 - 240V AC  50/60Hz, for universal power
200W Max.
2. Stage traveling distance  
Z axis: 50mm,  automatically controlled by digital panel
Y axis: 50mm,  automatically controlled by digital panel
3. Sample stage :Two dimension sample stage built in:  360° degree horizontal rotating and +/-10° tilting
4. Traveling position accuracy:+/- 0.01 mm
5. Controller & Touch Screen:The saw wire moves along the Z-axis to implement cutting according to user defined program which specifying the cutting length, feed speed, back, speed, and spooler spinning speed.
6. Cutting Speed:              
Feed Speed: 0.01 mm/min to 40 mm/min adjustable
Back Speed: 1 mm/min to 100 mm/min adjustable
7. Diamond wire:≤ 15 meters used for each installation
0.30mm dia x 65 meter length Diamond Wire is included for immediate use
A Diamond Blade Dressing Stone is included for keeping the wire sharp.
8. Wire traveling speed:0- 1.5 M/S adjustable
9. Cutting Depth & Thickness:Max: 50 mm  in diameter or square
Min. 0.1 mm
10. Water Pump:One  small water recirculating pump is included for cooling diamond wire during cutting
You must use anti-corrosive oil or radiator water as coolant ( buy from any auto store )
Warning:  must clean machine after each cutting , especially using tap water as coolant.   Otherwise the saw may get rusted
Motor Specification
3 Amps, Torque=1.8Nm
Product dimensions
Saw: 414mm(L) × 500mm(W) × 750mm(H)
Controller: 340mm(L) x 290mm(W) x 170mm(H)
Shipping Weight
188 lbs with 48x40x44"
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