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STX-1202-Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage

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Product description

 STX-1202 Automatic Diamond Wire Saw is a CE certified diamond cutting saw,researching and manufacturing support of the national innovation fund. It is used forcutting different hardness of fragile crystal, ceramic, glass, rock sample, meteoriticsample, fire proof material etc. Max cutting dimension is 12 inches.

Main Feature  1. Cutting different hardness of crystal, ceramic, glass, fire proof material, rocksample,especially for processing fragile and easy cleavage crystal.
 2. Sample holder can program control, can adjust to 360°
 3. Main motor drives the diamond wire, cutting sample under the working operatingplatform, can keep sample steadily
 4. Design all kinds of frock fixtures for the customer, suitable for different sample size
 5. Cutting by the diamond wire, easier to operate, better processing quality.
 6. Heavy duty Aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and steady.
 7. Built in pneumatic valves, make tensile force steady and reliable.
 8. PLC program control, easy to operate
 9. Big touch screen, beautiful vision, good touch.
Technical Parameter  1. Less than 0.45 diameter mini diamond wire back and forthcutting, wire length adjustable.
 2. Stepper motor feed automatic cut, cutting speed is adjustable and depends on differentmaterials, can improve the cutting quality, increase acceptable life of mini diamond wire
 3. Built in stepper motor drive 360°sample holder, convenient to adjust cutting horizontaldirection.
 4. Cut different hardness of crystal, ceramic, glass, rock material, especially for cuttinghigh valuable fragile crystal, Such as ZnO, BTO, YAG, BBO etc. The success rate canreach as much as 99%.
 5. Max. cutting dimension300 x 300mm
 6. X, Y, Z-axis accuracy:0.01mm
 7. Y-axis and Z-axis max travel distance:300mm
 Specification:  Size1072x 892x 1623mm Weight150kg
 1. Diamond wire 2pcs
 2. Tension wheel 2pcs
 3. Leading wheel 2pcs
 4. Water pump 1pc
 5. Wax 4pcs
 6. Resin ceramic block 2pcs


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