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Key to the development of modern instrumentation techniques

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2018/08/30 22:11
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The development of instruments in China with the development of international instruments and progress, analyze the following key to the development of modern instrumentation techniques.            

Reliability ① 

With the instrumentation and control system applications growing, the reliability of technology, especially in some military, aerospace, electric power, nuclear industrial facilities, large-scale projects and industrial production to improve combat effectiveness and to play an important role in maintenance of normal work. Once the failure of these sectors will lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, the device reliability, security, maintainability, including in particular by the control system, including the overall system reliability, security, maintainability is especially important. As August 15, 2003 the United States, Canada blackout accident, is not extended by some of the equipment failure caused!

Instrumentation and control system monitoring the reliability of technical devices and control system in addition to the reliability of its technology, while also including monitoring devices and systems by the failure of the fault handling techniques. Measurement and control devices and system reliability including fault self-diagnosis, self-isolation technology, fault self-healing techniques, fault tolerance, reliability design, reliability, manufacturing technology.

② System Integration

Direct impact on system integration technology and the measurement and control instrumentation science and technology breadth and level of application, especially for large projects, large-scale systems, large-scale automation and efficiency of the device has a decisive influence, it is the system-level information fusion control technology, including system requirements analysis and modeling techniques, the physical layer configuration technology, systems conversion of the part of the information and communication technology, application-layer control strategy for the implementation of technology. The operator for a variety of different positions under the operating group, including needs analysis at all levels of operators.

Man-machine interface technology ③

Man-machine interface technology is mainly to facilitate the instrument operator or with the main instrumentation equipment, the main operation of the system to operate the instrument or the master device, the main system services. It makes instruments as human knowledge and transform the world of direct manipulation tools. Instruments, and even with the main instrumentation equipment, the main system operability, maintainability done mainly by man-machine interface technology. Instrument has a beautiful, delicate, simple operation and easy maintenance man-machine interface, and often become the chosen instrument, and with the main instrumentation equipment, an important condition for the main system.

Human friendly interface technologies, including display, hard copy technology, human-computer dialogue technology, fault manual intervention technology. Taking into account the single operator from the single to the systematic, in case of network operators in many different positions of group development, human-friendly man-machine interface technology forward large-scale systems technology development. In addition, with the systematic instrumentation, network development, identifying a particular operator, the operator intervention to prevent the non-technology and more attention.

④ intelligent control technology

Intelligent control technology is the best way to close to humans through close monitoring and control system the best way to monitor intelligence tools, equipment, and systems technologies to achieve the set objectives is directly related to the effectiveness of control system technology to play, from information technology to knowledge the key to economic and technological development. Intelligent control technology can be said that the most important control system and critical software resources. From the current development trend in the enterprise information technology ERP / MES / PCS tertiary structure of the computer control system, software, hardware prices have more than 3 times. The relevant petrochemical, metallurgical, power, pharmaceutical industry, automated monitoring and control system, advanced control system hardware, software prices to more than price. Humanoid intelligent control technology, including feature extraction techniques, automatic target recognition technology, knowledge, self-learning technology, environment, adaptive technology, the best decision-making technology.

⑤ sensing technology

Sensing technology is not only the instrument to achieve the basis for detection, it is also the basis for control instrumentation. This is not only to detect because the control must be based on the information entered, and is due to the precision and control of the state, must be aware, or do not explicitly control the effect of control is still blind control.

Broadly speaking sensing technology must be aware of information in three areas, which are state of the objective world and the information has been monitoring the system status and information, and operators need to know the status information and control instructions. Here should be noted that the objective world, endless and control system of the objective perception of the world focused on the objective environment associated with the target (the target of the environment), outside the context of stated objectives of environmental information collected by other methods. Control systems can be a simple matter or a single sample, can be no direct manipulation of complex automated systems, can be one (group), including the operation of large-scale automated systems or social systems can also be a human body. To human health, physical, psychological state as the goal of the sensing technology is the basis for medical treatment equipment and the core. Operators can be single, but in the systematic, the case of network often under different positions groups of operators.

Narrow sense, the sensor technology is mainly useful information for detection of the objective world, it is useful to be measured, including sensitive technology, involving the various disciplines working principle, remote sensing, new materials technology; information fusion technology, involving sensor distribution, weak signal extraction (enhanced), sensor information fusion, imaging and other technologies; sensor manufacturing technology, involving micro-processing, bio-chip, new technology and other technologies.