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Domestic meter manufacturers gradually into the mainstream

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2018/08/30 02:29
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Although the final report in 2009 has not been announced, but China has become the world's largest car producing country's position seems to have unshakable, that vigorous growth has been a strong impetus to the development of the testing industry, will be in the future for this Industry to bring more business opportunities.

Witnessed the rise of domestic suppliers                                 

Indeed, the industry generally believe that during the period 2006-2009 for the precision measurement equipment, made ​​it an important period of import substitution. Some very well-known companies with good development in the original basis of all further development effort in the Chinese market, the leading provider of overseas-based companies, of course, has a long history of national brands a lot. At the same time, new overseas in recent years more companies are coming in, some of the rapid rise of domestic enterprises should also be "startling", and steadily expand its market share.

Domestic suppliers, foreign suppliers VS: How choose?

On domestic suppliers and foreign suppliers of detection products, is now the car manufacturers in the procurement of how to choose? How we can best support the sound development of domestic brands? 

The domestic auto industry in recent years the rapid development of measuring equipment manufacturers to promote the domestic and international expansion of a wave of Bobo, and gradually allow some strength gradually into the mainstream of domestic enterprises in the domestic market share of singing all the way.

So, if a considerable part of the "big users " in the selection of equipment, priority consideration will be the object of domestic brands? Whether the national brand of high-tech detection products can really break into high-end users?

I hope more attention to car manufacturing development of private enterprises, these enterprises use more advanced and applicable products.

Whether imported or domestically produced, the product cost is undoubtedly the most concern us. No preferences would be a good cat and mouse are.