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XHR-150 Plastic Rockwell Hardness Tester

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Product description

Main Features:

1. Loading lever, manual operation, durable and reliable: no friction spindle,

high precision test force

2. Dial direct reading. HRE,HRL,HRM,HRR. Rockwell and optional Other scales

3. Precision hydraulic buffers, steady load and speed adjustable

4. Accuracy according to JB / T7409 standard


Application :

Standard Accessory Kit:

1. Ohira table, square table, V-type table: each one

2. Ø3.175/ø6.35/ø12.7Ball indenter: one each

3. Standard plastic Rockwell hardness block: 4 piece


The main technical parameters


2.Maximum height :170mm

3.Pressure head center to wall distance: 135mm

4.Hardness resolution :0.5HR

5.Size :466×238×630mm

6.Testing force : 588.4/980.7/1471n(60/100/150kgf)

7.Weight : 70kg

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