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Weiyi company owns two wholly owned subsidiaries, Feng Feng Grinding Wheel Co.,Ltd and Shandong Weiyi important and export Co., Ltd. Feng Feng Grinding wheel Co., Ltd product Weiyi metallographic cutting wheel and Liboshi High resin grinding wheel and polished piece, these products were exported to more than 70 countries around the world. 

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Inverted Metallurgical Microscope 4XC

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Product description
Identification and analysis of the combined structure of various metal and alloy materials, widely used in factories or laboratories for casting quality identification, raw material inspection or metallographic structure analysis after material treatment; And some surface phenomena such as surface spraying are studied. It is the metallographic analysis of iron and steel, non-ferrous metal materials, castings and coatings, the lithofacies analysis of geology, and the effective means of microscopic research on compounds and ceramics in the industrial field. It is a necessary instrument for the study of material structure in metallology and materials, and is also widely used in biology, medicine and teaching.
More and more studies have not satisfied the conventional metallographic microscopy and photographic methods. It is a new technology in the field of microscope to input microscopic imaging into microcomputer and to process images by microprocessor.
Image metallographic microscope, connected to a high-definition CCD camera system, by the computer image processing, editing, saving and output (such as printing) or into the multimedia system and e-mail.
If further access to the computer operating system for image analysis, further study and analysis of the metallographic map, or precise measurement of the image, and multi-functional image form analysis, statistics and output of graphic and text reports can be carried out
Professional metallographic objective lens and flat field eyepiece, good imaging quality, high resolution, comfortable observation.
Provides superior image quality and stable and reliable mechanical structure.
The corresponding photographic camera accessories can be selected to collect and save the observed images, and the images of the distribution brain and the professional metallographic analysis software can be analyzed by metallographic images.
Simple operation, complete accessories, widely used in teaching and scientific research metallographic analysis, semiconductor silicon wafer detection, address mineral analysis, precision engineering measurement and other fields.
Configuration Table

Name of name



Hinged triple mesh 45° tilt, bilateral ±5 diopter adjustable, pupil range :54-75 mm,

Fixed light separation ratio, binocular: three eyes =80:20.

Magnification factor

50× 500×


Gold objective lens 5 X,10X,20X,50X for long working distance from flat field


High Eye View PL10X/18mm. of Flat Field Eyepiece


The grid value is 0.01/1.


Three layers of mechanical moving platform, area 180 mmX155mm, right hand low hand position control, stroke :75 mm×40 mm; metal carrier plate, center hole diameter φ12mm.,

Focus mechanism

Low hand position coarse fine-tuning coaxial focusing mechanism, coarse stroke per rotation stroke 38 mm; fine-tuning accuracy 2 um, with elastic adjustment mechanism.

Lighting systems

Drop-off Cora illumination with variable aperture aperture and center adjustable field of view aperture, adaptive 100 V-240V voltage. Single 5 W warm color LED lamp ,(optional 6 V30W halogen lamp), light intensity continuously adjustable.

Optical systems

finite far color difference correction system.

Polarizing device

Both the polarizer and the polarizer can be removed from the optical path, and the polarizer board can rotate 360°. (optional)

Power supply

220VAC (50 Hz)

Metallographic analysis software


JX2015 version of automatic metallographic analysis system

3 million pixel camera

0.5 X Adaptor

micrometer (accuracy 0.01 mm)

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