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Weiyi company owns two wholly owned subsidiaries, Feng Feng Grinding Wheel Co.,Ltd and Shandong Weiyi important and export Co., Ltd. Feng Feng Grinding wheel Co., Ltd product Weiyi metallographic cutting wheel and Liboshi High resin grinding wheel and polished piece, these products were exported to more than 70 countries around the world. 

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VTC-200 Spin Coater

Product description
VTC-200 Spin Coater
Brief Introduction
VTC-200 Spin Coater is mainly used in the lab film formation; Take advantage of coating machine's high speed rotary, coating high coefficient of viscosity sol-gel and solution on the sample surface, widely used in the researching labs, universities and factories.
Main Feature
1. Programmable two segments control speed;
2. Vacuum fasten substrate, easy to operate;
3. Aluminum casting structure(whole machine), stable, low noise
Technical Parameter
1. Speed adjustable:two segments can adjust between 500-6000rpm
2. Time adjustment:two segments 1-60sec
3. Vacuum pump flow rate:more than 60L/min
4. Power:200W
Size:500mm x 400mm x 400 mm, Weight:30kgs
Standard Accessories
1. Dia. 200mm vacuum chuck : one pc
2. Slurry feeder: 1pc  
3. Power cord: 1pc
4. 70L/min oilless vacuum pump
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