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Add.: Xiyuan Road, Wenfeng Street, Laizhou
Zip Code:261400
Sales Hotline:86-535-2234728  86-535-2259938
After-sales Service: 86-535-2258999
International Trade: 86-535-2277555
E -MAIL: dongyi@dongyi.cc  weiyi@dongyi.cc


Weiyi company owns two wholly owned subsidiaries, Feng Feng Grinding Wheel Co.,Ltd and Shandong Weiyi important and export Co., Ltd. Feng Feng Grinding wheel Co., Ltd product Weiyi metallographic cutting wheel and Liboshi High resin grinding wheel and polished piece, these products were exported to more than 70 countries around the world. 


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“We are serious about after-sales service, because we know how important service is to customers”

We believe that the after-sales service is an important part to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our customers, now that you have invested in the metallographic equipment with the best cost-effectiveness in the market, you have every right to enjoy the best service.

We have many years of service experience, and a number of branches and distribution offices, which can fully ensure high-quality service for customers.

Our technical personnel for maintenance have all received good professional training, making their best to provide customers with fast and convenient services. They know every detail about customers' equipment, and are strongly proud of their work.